Algarve in white-colored blossoms
With spring-like temperatures and abundant sunshine Portugal attracts holidaymakers from the north, and as each year have also now the winter months to stay in the Portuguese south to the Algarve on. While in northern climes prevails even dreary gray, provide here blooming on Atlantic flower carpets and the ubiquitous almond blossom for an incomparable blaze of color. Contrast also the sight of the many already summery dressed tourists, unlike the locals in their warm jackets and coats.

The almond blossom - every year an event
A very special natural spectacle takes place in the weeks of January until into February when the many almond trees show their white and pink blossoms and the landscape seems to be buried as under snow. In the hilly hinterland (Barrocal) and in the mountainous Serra's light entire regions on light, all along the coast are all individual trees and groups of trees.