The rental property contingent is limited, as properties used to be built only for tourism purposes or to be sold and the rental market only started to take of a few years ago. So the demand is high and keeps rising. Thus you should start to look for a property 1 – 3 months before your arrival.

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Our offer ranges the entire Algarve, from the coastal line to the countryside. We mediate lodgings with or without furniture; though even properties without furniture include a kitchen unit. Houses and luxury villas, which almost always have a garage, a pool and a big garden, don´t usually have a basement. The rental fee, which usually doesn´t include additional expenses, is calculated based on the number of bedrooms (T1, T2, T3 … etc). Living room and bathroom are obvious. The additional expenses are, depending on the equipment, for energy, water, gas, eventually pool-service and gardener. Please take in account, that if you rent one of our properties you have to pay 2 rental fees in advance and also a real estate commission of 1 rental fee. This of course includes proper consulting, house showing and mediation between the interested part and the landlord until the contract is signed.

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Of course we can also show you properties for short term rental. These are usually for people spending the winter here or for seasonal workers.

Please send us an email listing your wishes, we will contact you shortly.